Research Walks

NIS+TS' various research creation walks involving the collaborative gathering of ideas, images and artifacts from the contemporary landscapes of areas affected by the Halifax Explosion. Read More

Free Labs

NiS+TS' collaborations with students from Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning and NSCAD University in design/build "Freelabs" exploring architectural and artistic models responding to the histories and spaces of the Halifax Explosion. Read More

Towards Explosion 2017: Perspectives on the Centenary of the Halifax Explosion

The symposium examined and disrupted several of the underlying stories, themes and traumas that reach back into settlement history, including African Nova Scotian, Mi'kmaq and immigrant narratives, and subsequently addressed contemporary issues regarding reconciliation, mobility, unwritten histories as well as urban and economic development. Read More

Locating the Mont-Blanc fragments in today's city

Barbara Lounder, working with NiS+TS colleagues, student research assistants, and Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (MMA) staff, embarked on this project to research the sites in and around Halifax and Dartmouth where fragments of the Mont-Blanc vessel were found. Read More

Research Presentations

Research presentations given by NiS+TS members at various conferences, symposia and other research events, relevant to the Walking the Debris Field project. Read More


Bibliographies outlining books, articles, videos and other information sources relevant to the Walking the Debris Field project. Read More