Freelab 2014: XYZ Marker

In summer 2014, NiS+TS worked with Dalhousie Architecture program students in a design-build Free Lab for the first time, constructing the XYZ Marker, a modular sculptural form based on walking, mobility and history. Read More

Freelab 2016: Fort Needham Memorial Park and the Psychogeographer’s Table

NiS+TS worked with Freelab students on projects related to the revitalization of Fort Needham Memorial Park, as well as the planning and construction of a “psychogeographer’s table” of the Halifax Explosion debris field. Read More

Freelab 2017: Nightlighting

In summer 2017, NiS+TS worked with Freelab students, as well as 20 summer camp participants in Mulgrave Park, to ‘nightlight’ the murals that now enliven the neighbourhood. Read More

NiS+TS has collaborated with students from Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning and NSCAD University in design/build “Freelabs” during the summers of 2014, 2016 and 2017. These projects involve designing innovative architectural and artistic models responding to the histories and spaces of the Halifax Explosion.