Free Labs

NiS+TS has collaborated with students from Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning and NSCAD University in design/build Free Lab sessions during the summers of 2014, 2016 and 2017. These projects have involved designing innovative architectural and artistic models responding to the histories and spaces of the Halifax Explosion.

You can find out more about Dalhousie Architecture’s Free Lab program at their website: “Free Lab – A Day in the Life”

Free Lab 2017: Nightlighting

In summer 2017, NiS+TS worked with Free Lab students, as well as 20 summer camp participants in Mulgrave Park, to ‘nightlight’ the murals that now enliven the neighbourhood. Read More

Free Lab 2016: Fort Needham Memorial Park and the Psychogeographer’s Table

NiS+TS worked with Free Lab students on projects related to the revitalization of Fort Needham Memorial Park, as well as the planning and construction of a “psychogeographer’s table” of the Halifax Explosion debris field. Read More

Free Lab 2014: XYZ Marker

In summer 2014, NiS+TS worked with Dalhousie Architecture program students in a design-build Free Lab for the first time, constructing the XYZ Marker, a modular sculptural form based on walking, mobility and history. Read More