Free Lab 2016: Fort Needham Memorial Park and the Psychogeographer’s Table

In the summer of 2016, NiS+TS worked with students from Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture for the second of three design-build Free Lab sessions. Early in the summer, under the direction of NiS+TS member and Dalhousie Architecture faculty member Brian Lilley, students in a design studio class worked on projects related to the revitalization of Fort Needham Memorial Park. A second group in the Free Lab course worked on the planning and construction of a 3D map table, called the “Psychogeographer’s Table”. This piece, which debuted in NIS+TS’ “Walking the Debris Field” exhibition at the Dalhousie Art Gallery in fall 2017, was designed to display topographic information and artifacts from the Halifax Explosion debris field.

Participants in the 2016 Free Lab session included: Jin Bai, Hua Cheng, Darren Fransen, Juliano Franz, Charles Freeman, Liam Guitard, Katie Kirkpatrick, Ben Moore, Dr. Derek Reilly, Alex Saunders, Regan Southcott, Patricia Thibault, Jose Lopez Vega, Xunzi Wu, and Cheng Zhang.

NiS+TS has done a lot of walking with these students.