Narratives in Space + Time Society has compiled lists of research resources relevant to histories of the Halifax Explosion, as well as resources dealing with broader themes oriented around place, community, public experience, collaborative creation and learning.

  • Annotated Bibliography compiled by Katie Kirkpatrick for Narratives in Space + Time Society: Towards Explosion 2017 Annotated Bibliography, by Katie Kirkpatrick for NiS+TS – Oct. 21, 2016
    This is an annotated bibliography compiled and written by Katie Kirkpatrick for NiS+TS’ “Towards Explosion 2017” Symposium event of October 2016. Kirkpatrick outlines resources that respond to issues of disaster, public memory, memorialisation and social inequalities.
  • Narratives in Space + Time Society – Bibliographical Resources: NiS+TS Bibliographical Resources
    This is a document compiled by Barbara Lounder and NiS+TS colleagues Robert Bean and Mary Elizabeth Luka, originally presented to SSHRC as part of the proposal for the “Towards Explosion 2017” Symposium. This bibliography covers resources ranging from local histories of the Halifax Explosion to sources dealing more broadly with themes of research/collaborative creation, urban design, art and public experiences of disaster.
  • Halifax Explosion Consolidated Resource Listing: Halifax Explosion Consolidated Resource Listing
    This document was compiled by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in Summer 2016, and provides a useful body of knowledge on the Halifax Explosion, providing links to videos, books, articles and other sources. All links have been accessed on February 8, 2018.

NiS+TS Pamphlets for Walks, Ceremonies and Workshops

This page contains an archive of all the pamphlets produced by NiS+TS for the group's public walks, research walks, ceremonies and workshops, undertaken between 2014 and the Explosion centenary of 2017. Read More