Research Presentations

Research Presentation for Contemporary Narratives symposium, April 29, 2016

Mary Elizabeth Luka, one of the NiS+TS members, delivered a talk on NiS+TS' work to an international invite-only symposium held in Montreal, entitled Contemporary Narratives: Screens, Media and Documents. Read More

Research Presentation for Hypertext Conference, July 10, 2016

NiS+TS member Mary Elizabeth Luka presented the collaborative work of NiS+TS at an international conference held at Dalhousie and NSCAD University. Read More

Collaborative Workshop for European Network of Living Labs, August 26, 2016

NiS+TS co-hosted with members of the ACT Project a collaborative workshop at the annual conference of the European Network of Living Labs, held at Concordia University. Read More

Research Presentation for "Thinking Through the Museum," at Turtle Grove, April 25, 2017

NiS+TS members walked in the Turtle Grove area of Dartmouth with visiting professors and students working on a research project called "Thinking Through the Museum: Difficult Knowledge in Public." Read More

Oct. 27, 2017 The Halifax Explosion: Narratives in Space and Time, by Barbara Lounder, Keshen-Goodman Library, Halifax. As part of the series Community Stories of War and Peace, by the Network for Community-Engaged Research on War, Mount Saint Vincent University in partnership with the Halifax Public Libraries


September 2017, Walking the Debris Field of the Halifax Explosion, by Barbara Lounder, Rethinking Urban Global Justice conference, More Than Pedestrian: Psychogeography, Creative Walking and Spatial Justice panel, RC21 Conference, Leeds, UK


Robert Bean, Brian Lilley, Barbara Lounder and Mary Elizabeth Luka, “Walking the Debris Field of the Halifax Explosion”, for ICOMOS Conference (International Council on Monuments and Sites), Canadian National Committee, “Discussing Connections to Place through Conversations” public sessions, Halifax Central Library, May 25, 2017


Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder (Invited Lecturers), “Narratives in Space+Time: Walking the Debris Field”, for the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design seminar, OCAD University, Toronto, March 1, 2017


Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder (Invited Lecturers), “Narratives in Space+Time: Walking the Debris Field”, for the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design, York University, Toronto, February 28, 2017


Robert Bean, Brian Lilley, Barbara Lounder and Mary Elizabeth Luka, seminar entitled “Walking matters: a peripatetic experience of the Halifax Explosion”, as part of the International Feminist Digital Research Methods (Technoculture) Seminars series (2016-2017), NSCAD University. Halifax, NS, February 17, 2017. Link to the fourchettes page:


September 24, 2016, Walking the Debris Field: community collaborations as research creation with the Narratives in Space + Time Society, by Barbara Lounder, for Research Day, NSCAD University


Robert Bean (Invited Lecturer), “Narratives in Space and Time: Walking the Debris Field”, Ryerson University, Toronto. Graduate Program in Documentary Media. November, 2015


Robert Bean and Barbara Lounder (co-chairs), Collaborations and Co-creations as Cultural Practice, panel at UAAC (University Art Association of Canada), NSCAD University, Halifax, NS. November 5-7, 2015, with presentation by Mary Elizabeth Luka: Co-creation and collaboration in the public artwork of Narratives in Space + Time Society (NiS+TS).


Robert Bean, Brian Lilley and Mary Elizabeth Luka presented at the “Urban Encounters: Art and the Public” conference at NSCAD and Dalhousie Universities, Halifax, NS: October 10-12, 2013. Presentation title: Narratives in Space + Time Society: Hippodrome Project.