Research Presentation for “Thinking Through the Museum,” at Turtle Grove, April 25, 2017

On April 25, 2017, Catherine Martin and NiS+TS collaborated on a walking tour of the Turtle Grove area of Dartmouth. The tour was part of a two-day workshop, Collaboration and Community-Based Curatorial Practices, organized by visiting professors and students working on a research project called Thinking through the Museum: Difficult Knowledge in Public.

The Thinking through the Museum team is comprised of scholars from multiple universities, including project director Dr. Angela Failler (University of Winnipeg), Dr. Heather Igloliorte (Concordia University), and others. The researchers consider ways in which traumatic events and histories, such as residential schools, the Holocaust, and the Halifax Explosion can be addressed in museums and other public settings. NiS+TS was very fortunate to have elders Joe Michael and Catherine Martin along for this event. At Turtle Grove, Martin and Michael invited participants to form a talking circle to share knowledge of the Halifax Explosion and its devastating impact upon the Mi’kmaq community of Turtle Grove.

More information about the workshop, including a full description of the event, list of presenters, photos and video, can be found at the Thinking Through the Museum website.

For more information on the area covered by this walk, please view this brochure produced by NiS+TS for this event: “Walking the Debris Field – At Tufts Cove”