Freelab 2017: Nightlighting

October 10, 2017

NiS+TS worked with students from the Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture and Planning (and NSCAD University), in a design/build Freelab in July- August 2017. This is the third summer we have worked with Freelab students; our first group worked with us in 2014 (and produced the XYZ Marker), and the 2016 group worked on the Psychogeographer’s Table. This past summer, NiS+TS worked with Freelab students, as well as 20 summer camp participants in Mulgrave Park, to ‘nightlight’ the murals that now enliven the neighbourhood. Using digital and electrical projections, innovating concepts to minimize electricity costs, and virtually drawing on ‘blank’ walls in the neighbourhood, the project developed visuals, lighting and sound shown on July 28 at Mulgrave Park. The final version will be developed and shown during the centenary procession that NiS+TS will present on December 3, 2017 . Nightlighting aims to enhance the strong expression of character already evident in Mulgrave Park, while simultaneously continuing the theme of work undertaken by NiS+TS over the last four years, shaping stories influenced by the 1917 Halifax Explosion. Participants in Nightlighting were: Zixi He, Jiani Wen, Leslie Zhang, Katie Kirkpatrick, Ruth A. Vandergeest, Abdullah Akram Chaudhary, Mahta Safavi-Khalifeh-Soltani along with community collaborators Crystal John, (Executive Director, Mulgrave Park Caring & Learning Centre), Renée Boudreau (Program Coordinator, Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre), Summer camp participants Rihanna, Ayden, Elijah, Jadell, Karlee, Tia, Shanice, Amaijah, Drevonn, Ayden, Chyna, Ja’Quel, Siyasia, Tristan, Santia (staff), Taylor (staff), Alysha (staff), Winta (staff), and Kaneshia (volunteer). Specialized workshops were facilitated by Michael Burt and Black Book Collective, and Juliano Franz, of the Dalhousie University Department of Computer Science, GEM. NiS+TS partnered with Dalhousie University Department of Computer Science, GEM, and  Dalhousie University School of Architecture and Planning.Black Book Collective leads a painting workshop for Freelab participants.