Research Walk: Dartmouth Relief Commission House Visit, February 5, 2017

NiS+TS presented several informal research walks early in 2017. The first was a visit to a Relief Commission house in central Dartmouth on Sunday February 5. This Ross and MacDonald house on Hawthorne Street has recently been granted Heritage designation. Maura Donovan, who has participated in several other NiS+TS events, hosted the group. The house was built in 1918-19 for Annie Leedham, whose home on Windmill Road had been destroyed in the Explosion. It’s a beautiful example of the “D9” design, which was built in many other locations in Dartmouth and Halifax as part of the reconstruction. You can read more about Annie Leedham’s house in an article written by Maura Donovan in the Fall 2017 issue of the Dartmouth Heritage Museum Society Gazette.