Research Walks: Tufts Cove, 2013-

Starting in 2013, NiS+TS has carried out a series of intensive research walks in the Turtle Grove/Tufts Cove/Shannon Park area of Dartmouth. This shoreline is located at the Narrows and is directly across the harbour from the site of the Halifax Explosion.

The Tufts Cove area was devastated by the blast and ensuing tsunami and fire, with great loss of life. Turtle Grove, a Mi’kmaq community on the Dartmouth waterfront, was destroyed. The Tufts Cove Generating Station, owned and operated by Nova Scotia Power, now stands on that site. In May 2014, the Department of National Defence, through the Canada Lands Company, turned 4 hectares of land at adjacent Shannon Park over to the Millbrook First Nation, settling the Mi’kmaq land claim that dated back to the Explosion. Shannon Park is a 33-hectare tract of waterfront land that was used for military family housing until 2004.

For more information on the area covered by this walk, please view this brochure: “Walking the Debris Field – At Tufts Cove”