Research Walks: Fall 2017

From October through December 2017, NiS+TS carried out three public research walks (and one boat excursion) in Halifax and Dartmouth. These events were held in conjunction with the exhibitions and larger walk event (Centenary Procession) marking the 100th anniversary of the disaster. The routes were designed to reprise earlier walks done between 2014 and 2017, and also provided opportunities to introduce members of the public to the Drifts app.


Saturday, October 14 @ 6 pm    Public Art Walk (Debris Field Drift): “Across the Narrows” (part of Nocturne 2017: Vanish).

Starting at St. Paul’s Cemetery, Geary Street, Dartmouth


Friday October 20 @ 10 am    Boat Excursion: “Whistleblowing: Boats on the Water, Fire in the Sky”

A participatory boat excursion about the December 6, 1917 explosion in Halifax harbour. Presented as part of the Creative City Summit, Creative City Network of Canada. For more information on the excursion, including a list of presenters, please see this “Whistleblowing” PDF pamphlet.


Sunday, November 5 @ 2 pm    Public Art Walk: “North of North Street”

Starting at the corner of Barrington and Richmond Streets, Halifax


Sunday, November 19 @ 2 pm Public Art Walk: “Aftermath”

Starting at Veith House, Veith Street near Young, Halifax