Have you ever stood on a seemingly ordinary street corner and wondered what extra-ordinary things might have happened on this spot 10, 20, 50 years ago? 100 years ago? Have you ever wondered if someone who passed through here recently has wondered the same thing?

Drifts is a free IOS app available from the App Store. It is an interactive media experience that is situated in the debris field of the 1917 explosion in Halifax harbour. It can be explored on location or elsewhere, and is also available at the website: https://intothedebrisfield.ca

Drifts is a project of NiS+TS, who worked with Halifax-based software developer MindSea to create this beautiful work. Support was provided through Canadian Heritage, the Halifax Explosion 100 Program, Halifax Regional Municipality’s Community Grants Program, and other funders and partners.

Explore the debris field of the 1917 explosion in the Halifax harbour, encountering ruins, scars, shards and fragments from the disaster, along with stories and memories. Walking in the debris field shows you how the past and present haunt the future.

 Immerse yourself in an interactive guide of ‘drifts’ (suggested walking routes) that tell stories about the past and present, and share images and artifacts from today. Discover mysterious messages when you encounter hidden iBeacons.

 The routes shown in the ‘drifts’ are suggestions, so feel free to wander and explore. Contribute your own photos, videos and comments along the way, and see what others have to say.

Dress for the weather and variable terrain. Stay safe in the debris field.